Variations in Blue

White tee + jeans 

Print Kimono Jacket over Navy Jumpsuit and White tee

Variations in Blue Collage

Yellow print kimono jacket over blue print button-down and 
Blue wide-leg striped pants 

 For the third week, of the fall semester with LAUSD, I wasn’t sure what my challenges would be so I chose to coordinate around the color blue because blue means harmony and peace and I wanted to be prepared. 

Little did I know I need to maintain that balance when an Hispanic  student used the N-word without caring that there were three African-Americans in our class/ myself the teacher and another student. 

Although I immediately corrected him, and complained  to an administrator, my rage was eased by the auraof the shade I was wearing and my ability to stand up for myself and my people against such blatant and belligerent ignorance.


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