Hard Wearing and Hard Won

 During one of the most difficult weeks of my life, where animosity towards my race reached fever pitch and I ended up in the ER after having to go after an AWOL student, somehow I remain stylish and maintained my drip. Clothes became my therapy!

“Miss you look so pretty!”

Outfit Breakdown: floral kimono jacket plus white button down plus peach pants

“You look so cute today,
 but then you look cute everyday.”

Outfit Breakdown: denim jacket plus denim button down plus denim skirt

“You definitely drip!”

Outfit Breakdown: Beige blazer plus blue print button down plus beige pants

“Did you have a hot lunch date? Should I be jealous?”

Outfit Breakdown:  black-and-white  pinstriped blazer plus classic black and white striped Breton plus denim overalls

Dressed to Move

Outfit Breakdown: gray sleeveless tee plus black pants


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