Tough Work Wear

 I have been mixing vintage with contemporary for years now, and often felt both sentimental and daring. This week, however, as I faced another school chapter where fighting and negativity became the norm, this practice became a safety blanket. My outfits, whether chosen a week before hand, or the morning before work provided an aesthetic buffer that steadied my nerves and helped maintain my perspective.

Outfit Breakdown:
  • Cool plaid and stripes: Black and white striped Breton plus red plaid pants
  • Homage to Yohji Yamamoto: Denim  jacket plus white button-down plus black skirt
  • Farmer chic: Denim button-down plus overalls
  • Sailor style: Vintage navy sailor top plus white tee plus Khakis
  • Maxi Galore: beige trenchcoat plus brown maxi dress


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