Gettin’ By Gear

  • This week was particularly challenging because good versus evil was heavily on rotation. If you were on the side of good you were attacked by the evil, and if you’re on the side of evil, good  didn’t give you a break and checked your stuff. So  I tried to keep it simple enough to weather the ensuing  storms.

Outfit Breakdowns:
  • Romantic Retro: Light blue denim blouse plus baggy route 66 jeans 
  • Say Hey Marimekko x Uniqlo: Green print Marimekko X Uniqlo dress 
  • Stripes-vs.-Prints: Black blazer plus striped button-down plus print pants
  • Totally Uniqlo: Beige trench plus multicolored Marimekko  X Uniqlo short-sleeved shirt plus burgundy and white print pants


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