Welcome to Paradise

Although the last week was beyond hideous,  I will still be back in the game with a fresh set of looks. It’s October, and my birthday is at the end of the month, so I have to think of something awesome to do for the occasion. It’s also “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” so I need to do something to celebrate that.

Outfit Breakdowns:

1) Comfy Errand Stripes (denim jacket plus white button-down plus multicolored striped jumpsuit)

2) Graphic Florals (beige jacket plus black floral top plus black and white multicolored floral skirt)

3) Denim Palooza (denim jacket plus denim button down plus tattered forever 21 jeans)

4) Fun Stripes (black blazer plus black and white long sleeve tops plus multicolored striped pants)

5) Blue Pattern Play (navy blazer plus blue and white plaid long sleeve shirt plus blue print pants)


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